Twelve Capital Event Update – 27 September 2021

27 September 2021

Hurricane update

Over the weekend, hurricane Sam formed in the Atlantic. It is currently a category 4 hurricane location ca. 1000km east of St. Lucia. Current projections have it travelling in a curved path from north-west to west, likely taking it close to Bermuda towards the end of the week, and away from the US coast line. Accordingly, Twelve Capital does not expect any impact on its ILS portfolios from this storm.

Between hurricane Sam and the west coast of Africa, there are currently two more disturbances that have the potential to form into cyclones; this will become clearer towards the end of this week.

In the western Pacific, typhoon Mindulle has formed as a Category 3 storm located ca. 1300km south of Osaka, Japan. Its predicted path suggests it will pass close to Japan in the next few days, but not make landfall.

As with all events that are still a number of days out, the strength and specific path can change, and as such Twelve Capital continues to closely monitor all events and will issue specific updates when more information becomes available.