Corporate Sustainability

The financial industry plays a significant role in supporting the global transition towards a more sustainable economy. With its independence and specialist expertise Twelve Capital strives to actively support this transition in the best interest of its stakeholders.

Twelve Capital’s focus is on delivering returns to its investors in a responsible way by integrating environmental, social and governance considerations alongside commercial and financial factors into its due diligence and monitoring process.

Twelve Capital endeavours to be a long-term steward of its clients’ capital. As an active investment manager, Twelve Capital encourages good governance and a high standard of corporate practice by engaging with the companies in which it invests. Twelve Capital takes a leadership position in material industry issues to further improve transparency and increase sustainability.

Twelve Capital recognises that its people are its greatest asset and aims to be an employer of choice where it fosters an environment of professionalism, high standards, and collaboration. Twelve Capital looks to expand its diversity and seeks to offer an environment, which is inclusive, respectful and exciting to work within. ESG and sustainability considerations form an integral part of Twelve Capital’s remuneration system.

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Twelve Capital Corporate ESG Policy


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