ESG Investment Policy

Twelve Capital’s ESG investment approach serves as a guiding principle for investment decisions and ensures that the core values are integrated into investment practices and individual behaviours.

Twelve Capital’s network of (re-)insurance relationships, industry expertise, and in-depth proprietary research processes enables the firm to screen and assess relevant environmental, social and governance aspects to integrate them into the investment analysis.

The ESG Rating is an internal score produced by Twelve Capital’s proprietary ESG Rating Framework, developed to assess the ESG aspects of an asset, and provide a meaningful output that can be built into investment decisions.

Assessment of the ESG Rating draws upon both internal expertise and analytics, as well as partnering with an ESG expert data provider.

The quantitative and qualitative insights are fed into the asset allocation process and may lead to the exclusion of securities linked to certain business activities and industry sub-sectors that have a detrimental impact on the environment or society.

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Twelve Capital ESG Investment Policy


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