Twelve Capital Event Update – 20 September 2021

20 September 2021

Hurricane update

Over the weekend, two new systems formed in the Atlantic; Peter and Rose. Tropical storm Peter is located ca. 1,000km east of Puerto Rico and is travelling in a north-westerly direction. Current predictions have the storm weakening to a tropical depression in the next couple of days as its heading changes to due north. Tropical storm Peter may pass near Bermuda, but current indications are that it should not impact mainland US.

Tropical storm Rose is located ca. 700km west of Cape Verde and is heading in a north-westerly direction into the middle of the Atlantic, where towards the end of the week it is predicted to weaken into a tropical depression and disperse. Indications currently show this storm remaining out in the Atlantic therefore no landfall is expected. As with all active storms conditions and projections can change rapidly, as such Twelve Capital continues to closely monitor these active systems until they have dissipated.

In Asia, cyclone Chanthu passed over southern Japan, making landfall as a tropical storm near Fukuoka, travelling east across Japan. It is currently near Hamamatsu, heading out into the western Pacific. Twelve Capital does not expect any impact from this event.

Twelve Capital continues to closely monitor all events and will issue specific updates when more information becomes available.