At Twelve Capital, we believe we have certain responsibilities as investors and as guardians of our clients’ assets. That’s why we seek to influence corporate behaviour to ensure the companies we invest in are managed in a sustainable way.

As part of its commitment to ESG principles Twelve Capital’s Stewardship approach includes different engagement strategies the Group employs during its engagement with issuers, investors and the wider market in which it operates.

Twelve Capital is committed to acting as a good steward of assets held and managed on behalf of its clients. The firm recognises that clients expect alignment of Twelve Capital’s approach with their own investment beliefs, policies and guidelines. Twelve Capital seeks to be an active shareholder by encouraging good governance and a high standard of corporate practice. It has strong regard for the principles of good stewardship and is a signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

As an active investment manager, Twelve Capital seeks to take leadership on material industry issues, where possible and engages with the companies in which it invests in with a focus on the following core aspects:

  • Addressing relevant ESG macro topics for the insurance sector;
  • Aim to improve ESG disclosure of the target companies;
  • Identify, monitor and manage ESG risks and opportunities and their effect on the sustainable value of Twelve Capital’s investments;
  • Engage with the industry to increase the provision of products that have a sustainable impact.

Given Twelve Capital’s cross balance sheet approach and use of different investment instruments, the type of engagement may vary reflecting the various investment strategies and client requirements.

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Twelve Capital Stewardship Policy


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