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Twelve Capital is an independent investment manager specialising in insurance investments for institutional clients. The company is also a leading provider of capital to the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Investment Strategies

Twelve Capital offers a range of investment strategies that capture insurance investment opportunities across different asset classes.

Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Cat Bonds

Cat Bonds allow capital market participants to invest into insurance event risk, such as tropical cyclones, earthquakes and other catastrophes.

Private ILS

Twelve Capital's Private ILS strategy focuses on providing capital support to reinsurers for Peak Peril risks. Peak Perils represent the highest concentration of insured values globally, in areas potentially exposed to large natural catastrophes, such as US hurricanes, earthquakes in California and Japan, typhoons in Japan and European windstorm.

Life ILS

Life insurance plays an important role in the economic stability of societies by offering financial protection to people's biometric risks such as death, long life and invalidity. The importance of the life insurance industry is evidenced by the heavy regulation that exists across geographic locations. Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) can provide capital as well as risk capacity to the life insurance industry, promoting its growth and efficiency.

Insurance Debt / Credit

Insurance Bonds

An actively managed strategy focused solely on exploiting insurance sector opportunities globally, that at its core is liquid and investment grade bond dominated.

Private Debt

Twelve anticipated the growing need for solvency capital among smaller insurance companies, especially in Europe and now manages a growing number of Private Debt portfolios, including several tailor-made mandates.


Insurance Equity

As part of its Multi-Asset portfolios Twelve Capital invests in listed insurance equities globally.

Multi Asset

Twelve Capital's more liquid Best Ideas portfolios comprise Insurance Bonds, Cat Bonds and, potentially, listed Insurance Equity. Comingled portfolios have additional scope to exploit illiquidity premiums through Private Debt and Private ILS transactions.

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