Twelve Capital whitepaper and roundtable debate in Clear Path Analysis report

We are pleased to share with you a Clear Path Analysis report focusing on Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS) for institutional investors.

This is made up of a whitepaper by Dr. Jamie Rodney, ILS Analytics expert at Twelve Capital, and Dr. Thomas Loridan, CEO and Co-Founder of reask, a specialised research firm servicing the global reinsurance industry in the fields of catastrophe risk management, modelling and forecasting. They investigate the development of hurricane forecasting tools with the belief that advances in technology and computing power have the potential to enhance ILS investment management.

Meanwhile, a roundtable debate took place, featuring Twelve Capital portfolio managers Florian Steiger, Dr. Raffaele Dell’Amore and Etienne Schwartz, exploring a multi-asset approach to investing in the insurance sector.

Please click here to download your copy of the excerpt.

Friday, 14 June 2019

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